As an InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform Admin, start in your actions list, which you can find here.

Search for "instant" and you will get all available instant actions.

Instant actions allow you to:

  • Send Emails
  • Update CRM Records
  • Log Activity
  • ...ask us, maybe we'll surprise you!

First - Activity Reporting

The IS2 Platform is Sales Activity Automation - you can see how often actions are being used from our analytics:

Many Instant actions will work OOTB (like notes or tasks).  However, you've invested heavily in custom properties for records like Opportunities; how does that work with instant actions?

IS2 allows you to build any form you want for any CRM record.  In this example, an Opportunity record is being updated for the "instant update opportunity" action.

You can set required fields (like close date), and lock fields, to present the value, but disable editing for the rep.

If you want to add properties to the form, click the + sign.

All available, writable properties will be on the list.  You can select them and then configure the values.

Configuring Fields

Pre-populate - Select a value to populate the form with (in this example, the current close date of the opportunity)

Enter a Value - provide a value that will be shown in the form

  • lock field will prevent editing that value

Generate Picklist - create a picklist from the current values of that field (i.e all current active stage names)

With these options, you can build and populate a form for ANY record in your CRM. This is a huge productivity boost for your CRM users. 

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