InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform allows you to easily identify things that are "missing" in your CRM or process. When you create an action, you can "trigger" based of any of the data the Platform collects about Opportunities or Accounts. 

The IS2 Platform allows you to configure OOTB actions or create net new ones.  This article is about configuring an existing action.

For example, I've created an action to populate the website for an Account record.  

You can see the "trigger" is looking for Account records where the website is ##MISSING##.   This is IS2 syntax for a field with no value. 

I can add more trigger conditions by clicking the + sign.

In my example, I'll add industry:

I can now select specific industries to trigger on.  If I select "Technology", we will have added a new trigger condition. 

This action will now prompt a rep to populate the website when:

  • There is no website present on the Account record
  • The Industry of the Account is "Technology"

You can add as many trigger conditions as you like.  Try it!

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