The InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform makes it easy to inspect your pipeline, and other data, by automatically analyzing your sales activity and process.

Creating filter sets, or preconfigured data reports that you can edit and save, gives you the ability to slice and dice your sales pipeline and sales activity data, providing real deal intelligence.

To create a filter set simply click on the “Filters” button. (You will find the "Filters" option available anywhere you have a listed report like the one below; Leads, Contacts, Accounts, People, Opportunities, Reports, etc.). Opening Filters will display your list of saved filter sets, including sets shared with you by others. Filter sets are available for reports across multiple content types.

Click on the “new” button to create a report from scratch.

Here is your blank slate for building your filter set.  A filter set is comprised of filters based on data IS2 collects or calculates.  There are dozens of possible filters, allowing you to create reports that match your current CRM reporting and extend to include activity and process.

Click the "+" button to get a list of properties to use in your report.

You build your filter set by selecting properties that you are interested in. For example, you may be interested in finding opportunities that are closing by a specific date, of a particular type, that have been not been touched in the past # of days, the following properties would accomplish this:

  • Amount

  • Close Date

  • Type

  • Last Touch Date


As you can see, the IS2 Platform delivers unparalleled views into your pipeline, and other content areas, by automatically capturing and correlating customer data from multiple siloed sources. 

IS2 filter sets deliver insight in a timely manner so that you can find potential gaps early, spend more time moving deals forward, and less time scrambling to pick up the pieces. Be confident that the right steps are being taken at the right time by the right people, and simultaneously eliminate those stale CRM reports.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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