The InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform changes how you work by improving pipeline reviews, account reviews, and rep one-on-one coaching.  The IS2 Platform combines data from your CRM platform with activity from email, calendar, LinkedIn, and various other sales tools, allowing you to easily inspect opportunities and instantly update opportunities within a single interface.

Below, you can see your entire pipeline and metrics including total pipeline value, total opportunities, win rate, and average sales cycle.

You can also see stage-by-stage details such as average time in stage, stage conversion rate, totals opportunities per stage, stage dollar value, and velocity.

Pipeline Dashboard

To open your Pipeline, click on Opportunities in the left nav. The summary of pipeline provides the following information:

  • Total Pipeline: total dollar value of the pipeline
  • Total Opportunity Count: total number of opportunities in the pipeline
  • Average Deal Size: average deal size for all deals in the pipeline (won, lost, and no movement)
  • Average Sales Cycle:  average sales cycle for deals that are won

For each stage, you will easily see:

  • Average Time in Stage: average time in stage for all opportunities (won, lost, and no movement) 
  • Conversion Rate: percentage of all opportunities over the last year that converted to the next stage or later
  • Total: sum of all active opportunity amounts in that stage (Note: For opportunities that "skip" a stage, we apply 1 hour, so skipping stages will bring down averages.)
  • Opportunities: For an opportunity in a stage, you can see recommended actions and a link to drill down into a particular opportunity.

To zero in on your pipeline, you can use "Search Pipeline" to filter data.  For example, you could use "rep_name" or "rep_name financial" to focus on a particular rep's pipeline, and drill down to a specific industry that rep covers.


You can easily build filters that run in real-time, letting you quickly check if a hunch is true.   This will let you quickly run through the key questions you need to ask your team:

Which opportunities are hot?
Which are inactive?
Are things moving?

For more information, visit Creating Reports.

List View

You can toggle between the standard Kanban view or a List View of your pipeline by clicking on the different icons on the top right of your Pipeline. You may wish to use the List View when using reports so that you can sort your data.


As you can see, IS2 delivers unparalleled views into your pipeline by automatically capturing and correlating customer data from multiple siloed sources.  Not only does this reduce the amount of data entry, but it gives you back time to sell!

If you run into any issues, contact support.

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