The InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform delivers unprecedented visibility and insights into your sales pipeline, along with data integrated from numerous silos (CRM, email, calendar, files, etc.) to provide a holistic view to ensure the most effective business decisions. The six pillars of the Platform work together to create a data-driven, collaborative, end-to-end revenue intelligence journey: Activity Capture, Conversational Intelligence, Guided Selling, Interactive Reporting, AI-Driven Forecasting, and Dashboards & Analytics.

Activity Capture solves for data hygiene challenges. Activity data is the number one predictor of sales outcomes. So we automate, connect, and write the full team’s activities back to your CRM. Discover exactly what activities your sales team has completed, the steps they missed, and how prospects responded, so you can drive more consistent, predictable results.

Conversational Intelligence records, transcribes, and analyzes every customer call and meeting, from lead to opportunity, customer to upsell. Capture transcripts, keywords, trends, and talk time, and use that data to enrich machine learning models, predictions, forecasts, and analytics.

Guided Selling provides real-time, automated coaching, prompting your reps when the data is missing or needs to be updated. Put your reps and account managers on the fastest path to success with in-the-moment guidance based on best practices, key steps in your sales process as well as machine learning. Customize by persona, role, opportunity type, or any field. Scale best practices learned from top players. Onboard quickly. And hold everyone accountable by tracking through completion.

Interactive Reporting supports data-driven decision-making. Go beyond 1:1s, funnel progression, and goal mapping to assess the entire customer journey utilizing our Machine Learning Confidence-to-Close and Ideal Customer Profile models. Understand key activities, processes, behavior, and likely results. Instantly detect changes, exceptions, and risks. Know if you are invested in the right deals. Then adapt strategies well before it’s too late.

AI-Driven Forecasting improves predictability and replaces the time-eating process of creating unreliable spreadsheets with spotty CRM data. Automate and streamline forecast submission across your team, then balance human inputs with machine learning to validate your forecast and investments.

Dashboards and Analytics ensure detailed, automatically-updated views for the meetings in your sales management system. Our dashboards functionality provides a simple interface you can use to generate real-time, executive-level analytics.

What does this mean for your revenue team?

There are benefits for everyone, from reps to sales leaders, ops to marketing and customer success.

Reps benefit from automated data capture, allowing for improved productivity. Guided Selling prompts keep reps accountable for accurately managing their territories by prompting them when data is missing or needs to be updated.

For sales leaders, less time is spent interrogating the data. Funnel reviews become more focused because coaching opportunities become more visible. Forecast rollups become more trusted, and management reporting is readily available and presentable at any given time.

Ops Teams gain seamless forecasting roll-up, all data in one place, and reduced OPEX on tools.

Marketing can follow the full journey, understand why and when leads convert, which campaigns are delivering, and more.

Customer Success can ensure a seamless handoff and a rich experience from day 1 and continue to improve data quality with activity capture...


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