The InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform can be configured to retrieve Google email and calendar and drive information. As an IS2 Team Owner, you must perform the following steps to initially configure the Google integration for your team. Once this integration is configured, each of your team members must log into the IS2 Platform and authorize IS2 to access their Google account.

You can find information on the permissions that you accept to complete the integration at the end of this article.

The integration configuration steps are as follows:

 1. Login to the InsightSquared Platform

2. From your actions feed there should be an action prompting you to connect to Google.  If there is not, navigate to the application screen and find Google and enable it with the following steps. (For users, if there is no Google action, navigate to your profile where you should see a prompt to connect Google. If you cannot see it, contact your admin.)

3. From Applications
Hover over your left nav, and click "Applications" or click the link above.

4. Click the app to navigate to Connection Settings or click Connection Settings, then click "Enable"

5. Activate your connection by clicking “My Connection” (or use this link). Then click “activate”. Click Allow when prompted for access to your Google Account.

6. You can now have your team members log in to the InsightSquared Platform and authorize IS2 to access their Google accounts.

OAuth Permissions

When accepting OAuth permissions in the integration process, you will see a dialogue displaying the permissions being agreed to. Below we've translated them directly from Google's OAuth 2.0 Scopes for Google APIs to make them a little more readable. These permissions apply to any user invited to the IS2 platform to analyze their email and calendar's impact on winning deals.

What you see...

What it means...

Why we need it...

Read email

View your email messages and settings

This is the main permission required for email ingestion granting us "Read access" to emails.

Send email

Send email on your behalf

Some functions of InsightSquared allow you to send emails from our app. We will NEVER send an email without your permission.

Read calendar

See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar

This is the main permission required for meeting ingestion granting us "Read access" to calendar.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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